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Boycott Backdrops sold on Ali Express, Etsy, Ebay, Wish, Home made in CHINA


I am the owner of Photo Prop Floors & Backdrops. I am a military spouse currently living abroad. I put in anywhere from 14-16 hours a day on my backdrop business and have for the past 7 years.

I started the idea of custom printed backdrops 7 years ago on 3/17/10 when there was no such thing as what you see now. I paved the way for all the other backdrop companies everyone frequents from buying from.

I applaud honest and reputable backdrop & props shops. I don’t mind competitors at all. There are enough photographers to go around for all of us but what I DO MIND is that there are DISHONEST shops out of China (and some in the US & Canada unfortunately) who have stolen 100′s of my designs, my customer’s images and other backdrop shops designs. Images are stolen right from our website that are LOW resolution with WATERMARKS on them (many are stolen within DAYS of me posting them!)

This topic is so near and dear to me and I’m very passionate about getting the word out about this travesty! I am imploring you to join our facebook group that I started November of 2015 ll to share this group with every photographer you know!! Whether they are professionals, beginners or hobbyists. Everyone needs to be aware of this travesty and support their fellow business women and men who are being stolen from on daily basis!

I have started this group to educate photographers on the purely CRIMINAL activities of the scammers who sell on Aliexpress (out of China), ETSY, Amazon, Ebay, Wish, Home, and DH Gate. Everything we have researched over the past 15+ months point to sellers from China. The majority are the same company posing as different sellers with hundreds of shop under various names.
We’ve discovered thousands of images stolen by these sellers (including our exclusive designs and our customer’s “in use” sample images that are taken right from our website (low resolution and fully watermarked).

These thieves have stolen from me and my family, from my designer’s and their families, and from photographers by stealing our designs and their images. They don’t care about “copyright infringement,” “photographer’s intellectual property,” and hide behind the laws of other countries.

We have done whatever we can to contact each of the sites, filed hundreds and hundreds of reports to Amazon, Etsy, Wish, Ebay, Home but the international companies like Ali Express & DH Gate don’t care. Etsy will take down the listings but the shops just repost them or make a shop with a new name. It’s a long battle with sites out of China. They don’t abide by our US laws!

It’s too hard to fight with lawyers because they are outside of the USA. So, we decided the only way to fight them is to educate everyone in our industry. We all need to “out” these thieves/counterfeiters so that everyone in our industry will have the knowledge and can help in the boycott of buying from thieves who hurt people in your own industry on a daily basis.

I never thought I would be the only one selling custom printed drops when I started this in 2010. I was very aware that others would soon follow in my footsteps and that’s okay! What I won’t tolerate is THEFT of my hard work and my clients hard work on a repeated basis for the last 15 months!

I am spending my own money on this facebook ad because I can no longer fight this alone. I NEED ALL OF YOU to join me in this important crusade! This is no different then if your own clients stole the images you worked so hard on off your website and then printed those images! IT IS ILLEGAL!

I ask you to *BOYCOTT* these counterfeiters! I ask you to BUY FROM REPUTABLE BACKDROP COMPANIES! Even if you don’t buy from my shop (Photo Prop Floors and Backdrops) that’s okay! BUT….DON’T BUY FROM these RELENTLESS CRIMINALS!

****Keep in mind that if you buy an exclusive designs from these counterfeiters (instead of buying it from the artist’s chosen print company) and use them in your studio… opens you up to LIABILITY FOR BUYING STOLEN GOODS even if you didn’t know. And if you do know…then all I can say what shame that is!

We cannot perpetuate their larceny/thievery/counterfeiting practices by continuing to buy from these companies…just because they are cheap! You get what you pay for! And when you buy from them what you’re paying into is stealing from legitimate business owner’s pockets who also have families to support.

If we can’t get them to take down these stolen designs without reposting them or making 100′s of new shops then the only way to fight them is to hit them where it counts: IN THEIR WALLETS!

—–> Scroll down the wall and read through – you won’t believe your eyes!


These are the thieves to steer clear of! They are the CULPRITS who steal our images and backdrop designs. They are on every site imaginable: etsy, their own site, amazon, ali express & more! They have countless profiles on facebook too!
We will be updating this document every time we find another. You can also visit the albums for proof of the theft in photos:

“katehome2014″ on Etsy:
*read more about their theft in our album:

“Katebackdrops” on the web:
*read more about their theft in our album:

“AllenJoy” on Ali Express:

“AllenJoy” on Amazon:

“Backdrop Store / AllenJoy” on Amazon:

“Art background” on Ali Express:
*read more about their theft in our album:

“Kate” on Amazon:
*read more about their theft in our album:


“Backdrop Fiona” on Amazon:
*read more about their theft in our album:
“Debra Roberts” on Amazon:
*read more about their theft in our album here:
“jingyuanbei” On Amazon:
*read more about their theft in our album here:
“Fannie background” on Amazon:
“Jervie” or “Jervie’s Castle” on Amazon:
*read more about their theft in our album here:
“Lifey” on Amazon:
*read more about their theft here:

“Mohoo” on Amazon:
Susu on Amazon:

“Background Backdrops” on facebook:
*read more about their theft in our album:
“何广霞” on facebook:
*read more about their theft in our album:
“张占江” on facebook:
*read more about their theft in our album:

“Backdrop FANNIE” on facebook:
*read more about their theft in our album:

“BACKDROP FIONA” on facebook: AND
*read more about their theft in our album:


*They may have taken it down after I left a comment on their page that they are thieves or they may have blocked me!
*read more about their theft in our album:

吕悦 on facebook:
*read more about their theft in our album:

Grace Li on facebook:
*read more about their theft in our album:

Guangxia He on facebeook:
*read more about their theft in our album:

Wenwei Lai on facebook:

Susu Fang on facebook:

Hardy Chen on facebook:

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