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Photographers BEWARE!! Boycott Backdrops from AliExpress!


I am begging you all to share this group with every single photographer you are friends with from professionals to hobbyists who are just starting out. Everyone needs to be aware of this travesty.

I have started this group to educate photographers on the purely CRIMINAL activities of the scammers on Aliexpress (out of China) and Ebay sellers from China.

We have discovered thousands of images stolen by these sellers including designs and photographer’s “in use” images showing designs and sample images for these designs right from our website (that were low resolution and fully watermarked).

When you buy these stolen designs you receive a print of a facebook quality, low resolution image, blow up to giant proportions , resulting in blurry and pixelated backdrops (on material that feels like a cheap throw away table cloths). This is why they are so cheap! They are stolen and printed on subpar material.

These thieves have stolen from me and my family, from my designer’s and their families, and from photographers by stealing our designs and their images. They don’t give a darn about copyright infringement, photographer’s intellectual property, and hide behind the laws of other countries – they deserve to be outed so everyone in our industry knows to stay away from these sellers.

Don’t give them a penny of your hard-earned money for stolen goods! When you do you are are aiding those that steal from us and from our designers and condoning their criminal actions

When I started the idea of custom printing backdrops back in March of 2010 I never thought I would be the only one. I was well aware that others would soon follow in my footsteps and repeat the business model I developed for the industry. But what I did know back then was I would never tolerate anyone stealing from me. It has happened occasionally over the past (almost) 6 year but it’s easy to deal with in the US. This new issue won’t be as easy.

We will be doing whatever we can to contact the websites these stolen images are on but we learned it’s usually a long battle with sites out of China because they don’t abide by our US laws and they make you jump through hoops to try to prove they are your items or images. What would help is if photographers *BOYCOTT* their stolen goods.

BUY FROM REPUTABLE BACKDROP COMPANIES! Even if you don’t buy from Photo Prop Floors and Backdrops, LLC – DO NOT BUY FROM these CRIMINALS who steal low res images off the net, alter them and print poor quality images as large format backdrops! This is NOT OK and we need to not perpetuate their larceny!

If we can’t get them to take down the stolen designs or images we will get them where it counts – IN THEIR WALLETS!


This is why you should ***NEVER EVER*** order printed backdrops from scammers on Aliexpress or Ebay from China. These sellers, literally, stole the designs and sample images for these designs right from our website (that were low resolution and full watermarked). They flowers were hand-made on paper ‘s client. It looks like they photoshopped the flowers from Jenn Tuttle Loveographer’s paper flower design and super imposed them over the planks of wood from another of Jenn’s designs which she literally photographed herself in California (in a brown colored wood that I personally changed to gray so we could have another variation to offer). Then they had the nerve to photoshop out our entire logo off the wood design, add the flowers over it, and add a floor image on the bottom.

The 2nd image below was also stolen from our website as well. They didn’t even steal the original design by Jonae Cheger Photography which you can see if very different on it’s own. Once it was photographed Jonae added some photoshop effects to the image. They literally stole her low res ‘facebook quality’ sample image and photoshopped out her client! When you buy this garbage you are then receiving a facebook quality low resolution images blow up in giant proportions looking completely blurry and pixelated; on material that feels like a cheap throw away table cloths. This is why they are so cheap!

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