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New Venture! Photo Prop Floors and Backdrops & Deanna Gomes Photography

Deanna Gomes is an award winning photographer and designer in Colorado and was just recently named Professional Photographers of Colorado Photographer of the Year. She is a highly sought after Photoshop teacher and designer with a unique composite art style and is currently developing a program with *Ronald McDonald House to provide critically and terminally ill children complimentary portraits. At a time in a child’s life when the family needs quality portraits the most and can afford them the least, this program steps in to fulfill those needs.

Deanna Gomes is proudly partnering with PhotoProp Floors and Backdrops to provide a custom line of backdrop and floor designs for photographers everywhere! Additionally, PhotoProp Floors and Backdrops has graciously agreed to donate the custom printed designs by Deanna to the photography program! The great news for photographers and clients of PhotoProp Floors and Backdrops is that for an additional fee of $10 above the standard cost of the background, photographers can own the custom designs and participate in the *Ronald McDonald House photography program knowing that $10 from each purchased design goes right back into the photography program that benefits the children!

Featured Backdrops (52″ x 7FT) = $90

Featured Floors (52″ x 5FT) = $75

We’re launching the program with three incredibly rich design sets but will be adding more very soon so keep checking back!


*The Deanna Gomes Photography Gift Program that benefits the children of Ronald McDonald House is not an official charity of Ronald McDonald House and is a private partnership agreement between Deanna Gomes Photography and Ronald McDonald House. Funds donated to the program are donated to the Deanna Gomes Photography Gift Program principally and not to Ronald McDonald House directly.

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